2-Times Best
Selling Author

JR Burgess is a 2-time #1 Best Selling Author. He’s written books on Medical Fitness, Cash Practice Success, and Medical Marketing & Sales and even an eBook for Meal Planning for people with no time to cook. (IMAGE OF EACH BOOK W/LINK TO IT)

His programs and books have been featured on CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC and in many local outlets. (REPLACE WITH “As featured on: LOGOS OF COMPANIES”)

Anything JR has a passion for and found success with, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge.

His unique ability is quickly learning from other industry leaders.

His gift is to simplify and structure a model combined with his knowledge in the medical field and leadership development to create products and programs that help life-changing visionaries replicate his success in half the time.

JR has helped over 20 medical professionals become authors and many of them reaching bestseller status in the process.

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