Linda Rank

Linda Rank

Date(s) - 04/05/2020
10:00 am CDT


Linda Rank, is a wife, mother, author, business owner and Physician Assistant. Professionally she has specialized in Dermatology since 2001. Her specialty found her at a unique time in the industry with the newly FDA approved Botox. The introduction of Botox, lead to an explosion of a variety of aesthetic products changing the face of Dermatology and her career. This fast growing new industry and culture, positioned Linda as one of the early experts in the aesthetics industry. After a decade of treating patients, she recognized that there was a real need to educate her patients on basic products and treatments. She knew that by educating her patients on the basics, (Botox, Fillers and Skincare), that they would take a more confident and active role in choosing treatments that were best for them.

She decided to write her book Take Charge of Your Beauty. This is when she realized her work was actually her calling. Linda challenges her patients to redefine what beauty means to them. She encourages her patients to align their inner beauty with the reflection that looks back at them in the mirror. She has personally witnessed patients rise above their personal circumstances and walk more confidently over a period of time; many of them crediting their improvements to the confidence boosters gained through their improved appearance. Linda truly believes her work is where Soul and Beauty aligns. She is active in her own personal and professional development, and is constantly challenging those around her to redefine where beauty comes from.

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