How to Shift Healthcare While Adding More Profit with Less Stress


Is your Integrated, alternative medicine cash practice limping along? Do you want to THRIVE, make a profit AND make a massive impact on the lives of your patients? 

One thing I know is that there are solutions beyond drugs and surgery whether it’s functional, regenerative lifestyle, or natural solutions- there are other options that save lives.

In my latest video with Justin Finneman, we talk about the most important and unique branded protocol and we take the “sales” out of healthcare. 

It’s all about creating a system that meets patients where they’re at and that gives solid recommendations that will guide them according to what the patient needs.

Here are some highlights:

02:25 Why change is contingent upon the Physician and the patient

06:39 The steps that can set a clinic up for success

15:40 Asking questions that matter

22:55 Without investing time or energy into anything, nothing grows

24:10 The importance of structure

26:20 Invest in people and you invest in the right process and protocols!

Enjoy the interview!


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