The Integration of Psychedelic Medicine Into Independent Healthcare Models and How to be Part of the Shift


Are you an integrative health coach, a nutritionist, a doctor, a practice to understand what people are doing right now, and how to create safety in guidance along anybody’s journey at any point? Do you want to expand your treatment options? Do you want to improve the health outcomes of your clients, and stay on the cutting edge of your field? 

Psychedelics have been shown to have a powerful therapeutic potential for a variety of conditions, and be able to understand what happens in the heart, mind and body as a result in an integrative health practice. 

In my latest video with Kole Whitty, we talk about how decentralizing care is the only way to ensure access and impacting more lives through community models. 

It’s all about creating a system that meets patients where they’re at and that gives solid recommendations that will guide them according to what the patient needs.

Here are some highlights:

  • 23: 32 Why would an integrative health coach want to become psychedelic- informed
  • 26:47 How to meet patient demand 
  • 29:16 How to be a part of someone’s healing journey
  • 30:54 Why integration is not optional
  • 44:53 Body mapping 
  • 1:10 Responsibility of a coach

Get your free 7 day mind-body guide. You can book a call with Kole directly to learn more , check out her podcast, The Psychedelic Coach, and be sure to tell her I sent you!

Enjoy the interview!

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