Create Passive Income Streams That Change Patients Lives

I am excited to introduce you to my good buddy Justin Finneman today.

We recently sat down to discuss how to create passive income streams that change patients’ lives without just your time in the room.

Do the people you surround yourself with match the level of core belief you personally have in your clinic?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t seem to get the most out of the products you carry in your clinic?  Have you considered what type of freedom you could create in your life if you could scale the right partnerships and products?

Learn how to recognize the right products and brands.

Find out what truly matters in regards to the people you partner with, and what companies you feature in your clinic. 

We will discuss the unique partnership we have recently created with the company Kuribl Premium CBD. We will guide you in highlighting the most important piece to building successful cash based practices!

>>You can watch the full interview here

3:00- Learn about Justin’s journey

8:25- We discuss Kuribl Premium CBD as an effective pain topical

9:00- Justin shares more about Kuribl Premium CBD

19:56- Justin addresses concerns about CBD/HEMP laws within your state

26:00-  You’re invited to join us for the Kuribl Mastermind free for 1 month. Email me to get set up.

You can reach out to Justin at for free samples for your medical practice.


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