How to go from Amateur to Pro with LeadingResponse

If you are really looking to go from amateur to pro with your medical practice you do not want to miss my interview with John McCloskey.

John has been with LeadingResponse since 1998. His specialty is marketing for elective medical practices looking to attract fee-based patients. Through digital and direct mail, Leading Response has all the assets in-house to help medical practices reach their desired audience. The LeadingResponse SeminarSuccess program has marketed over 1,000,000 consumer seminar events. Practices conducting public seminars for regenerative medicine, hormone therapy, weight loss and others consistently fill 2 or more events with 25-30 potential patients targeted by age, wealth and geography. Responders answer survey questions about their ailment(s)  interest level, and more. LeadingResponse provides a total solution through COVID-19 and beyond.

>>Click here to watch our full interview

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

1:27- John shares why he is passionate about working with regenerative medical practices

4:57- How he can help your medical practice reach and engage with the right types of people

7:17- There is nothing like LIVE to be able to be able to engage and connect with people

12:00- John shares his business plan and data with us

36:00- Focus on the outcomes not the treatments

If you are looking to get more clients and want more information on what John can do for you and your medical practice you can set up an appointment with him online at or give him a call at 813-885-8270.


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