Make your Framework, Make your difference, and Build your Legacy with Dr. Sam Shay

I was in awe when I sat down with Dr. Sam Shay as we talked about content frameworks. I have been in some pretty cool masterminds where I have learned structures of what I like to call Unique Transformational Protocols (proprietary processes). Talking with Dr. Shey and seeing how his brain worked within creating his clinical protocol was like listening to a fine tuned symphony. 

You can watch our interview here

Here are some highlights from the interview:

1:23 Dr Shay shares his health journey

5:58 Dr Shay shares there are really 10 pillars of health and the importance

11:55 Dr. Shay shares  where you can get visuals and notes

17:06 One of a kind or first or a kind to be memorable

19:13 Take your info and use it as a unified model, you see what you are missing health wise 

21:16 JR shares the patient outcome and the framework that is needed

24:21 Patients don’t buy the how… they buy the system

25:02 Dr. Shay talks about the “Body Pillar”

28:00 Models within your model

32:07 Creating Frameworks

37:07 Using acronyms

43:15 Plant medicine

48:00 Stabilization is not CURE

You can reach out to Dr. Shay for Frameworking and Content at 

For people  interested in working with Dr. Sam as a client, you can visit him at his website- 



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