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I recently hosted Brandon and Deb Yager of Yager Training and our conversation was so powerful I wanted to share it with you. 

Growing up, like many young women, Deb fell into the wrong crowd. Her life was filled with Addiction, toxic relationships, and massive debt.

It took hitting rock bottom numerous times before she found the way out. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP changed her life. It was there she was able to embark on a new path that helped her become the person she is today. Now, she and her husband Brandon, (they MET at NLP) run Yager Training and have helped over 500 professionals, coaches, and entrepreneurs unlock the power of their minds and create financial shifts that have changed their businesses and lives. 

You don’t want to miss this interview! Brandon and Deb offer numerous insights into taking you from transactional to transformational care with your patients and how to go from struggling and forcing patients to grab the rope to having a massive integrative practice.

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Here are some highlights of the topics we covered:

2:20 How Deb got into coaching.

4:21 What’s going on in the insurance and pharmaceutical business that has infiltrated allopathic medicine.

8:38 Learning to listen to the words of the language and the programming that is out there.

10:59 What’s fascinating about this transition period with doctors and health practitioners moving away from the insurance system.

15:52 The true train-chain breaker conversations.

18:30 The importance of being aware of your patient’s language.

2:37 What happens if you don’t have the tools to deal with so many different patients?

24:48 Why we have to go from transactional to transformational care.

26:32 We are one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. What can we do about it?

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