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I met Michelle at the Academy of Regenerative Practices in 2019. She invited me to her event a couple months later and nothing has been the same since. I’m so grateful to have met her! That meeting saved my life as my health was quickly fading. 

Watch this interview to learn more about what we experienced together the past couple of years.

Join me and I will be happy to show you all the tools and people I have worked with over the last three years on my inward healing journey.

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Paleo f(x)™ 2020 Event Date and Place:

Friday, April 29 – Sunday, May 1, 2022
The Palmer Center
Austin, Texas


Transcript Here:

JR  0:02

Welcome, everybody, I am so excited to bring you two amazing human beings and special guests that have really opened up a whole different journey of healing for me. I’ve been in the regenerative medicine space for 10 years prior to seeing Michelle speak at the Academy of regenerative practices. And she opened up with her vulnerability in a way that I hadn’t seen done at a professional conference. And it truly touched my heart. And I just knew that I had to see more, and I had heard, they’re also the founders of paleo FX and primal uprising, and we’ll get to some of that. But, you know, the interesting fact was in regenerative medicine, we were called the quacks, the Voodoo doctors, everything possible. So what I at least had the blessing of knowing how that work made a huge difference in my life, that I didn’t know, some of the things that I signed in were introduced to at paleo FX. And really, through experience, it becomes, you know, certain, just like I was with regenerative medicine, and despite, you know, controversy, being outside the box, they’ve really held true to a vision, and are spectacular humans that I’ve got to learn mentor under, and I’m so excited to introduce them all to you. So Michelle, and key, thank you. But, Michelle, first to that question, what, you know, ever gave you the courage to step up medical conferences and share the way you did? Because that’s not a typical, you know, way that you see presentations happen?

Michelle  1:37  

Oh, well, um, you know, the thing is, I just tell my story, in that, um, I think that so many people can relate to, to some of the things that we’ve been through. Hopefully, not a whole lot of people can relate to the fact that our daughter, Brittany was killed 12 and a half years ago, but you know, we’ve had, we’ve had stuff that’s come up with our families with our own personal health, you know, our son, which is the the, the story that I was talking about, at the Academy of regenerative practices was the idea around drug addiction. And so our son was addicted to heroin, and we were talking about, I was talking really about the whole story around that, but also, some of the studies that have been done around like rat Park, that was part of the conversation or the talk that I did. And the thing is, is that really, it comes down to a few handful of things when it when we’re talking about, particularly drug addiction, or things like this nature is that it’s the the epigenetics, part of genetics is the most important piece, it is the community, it is the purpose, it is having all of these things. And so once our son removed himself from the community that he was in and had a community of support, then he was able to see a different possibility for himself. And then when we started really supporting him through making all of the healthy changes in his life, he found a purpose. Um, he really had a reason for not doing any drugs. And the thing is, he will tell you himself that he was, um, he was using at that time, but he does not see himself as a drug addict. And this is the thing is, that’s how we feel too. It’s not once a drug addict, always drug addicts, we just don’t believe that. Because once you’re able to cut the ties and the reasoning for having these addictions and everything, you can actually put any kind of dependence on that. So it’s not like every single day, he has to make a decision not to go use here when he doesn’t even think about heroin. It doesn’t even come up. It’s not part of his, his, his daily, you know, thought process anymore, because there’s no reason for him to go use it because he has everything he needs. Now, he has community, he has support, he has a great job, he’s got purpose, he loves what he does, and he he’s now completely and totally supported and wants to be healthy and has no reason or want or desire to go in and use any, you know, illicit drugs. So those are the things that we talk about a lot. We do a lot in our personal coaching. We do high performance coaching. And we work a lot with intelligent plant teachers, and it makes for massive transformation for people because we are dealing with a lot of the subconscious. A lot of the programming we’ve been programmed from the time were very, very little through no fault of our own parents because our parents it happened to them too, and it happened to their parents in the period. Before that, it’s been ongoing for 1000s of years. And so it’s we are all programmed. And so when we start undoing the ties of the programming, and we start making new neurological connections, new neural pathways, we create completely different outcomes in life, we create completely different people who have different needs and the needs that they had for, say, a substance, a drug, heroin, whatever it is, alcohol, and porn, all of these things, once we, we alleviate the ties, and we cut those that they no longer need that they don’t have, they don’t have a struggle every single day, and there’s no need for them to go in. And I’m sure that the 12 step program has been amazing for a whole lot of people. But um, we don’t feel like it’s a very empowered state to stand up every single meeting and say I am so and so and I’m an alcoholic, that that is just presupposing, that you’re still an alcoholic and that you still constantly think about alcohol, the thing is, is when you cut the tide of that, and you no longer need it, you don’t there’s no reason for that, um, there’s no reason for doing for having to do it that way any longer. And we’ve seen it time and time and time again, and it works really well. When you can get somebody those, those ties cut to those, those needs, those bodily needs


JR  6:27  

It happened for me, it truly did if I was burned out. That’s when I saw you and I related to this story, because I’ve used sedation hiding to sports work addiction, food, my entire life, I thought it was the product of burnout and building 150 clinics around the world that was easy to have an external you know, that is what was why how can I do be a good husband, father, and since I was 12 years old, i What i Little did I know it was the unresolved traumas. And essentially, I’ve used smoking one of those addictions chewing cannabis, you name it my entire life. And through some of the teachings, the experiences that we had, I no longer had the need, I even gave up drinking eight years ago. And since February, I’ve had three drinks on my own, but there’s no more story that is eliminated and alliterated and gone. And I needed teachers in plants to actually be substance free. So that’s exactly what you said, and it happened in my life. And that’s why I’m so excited about what we’ll talk about at the end of this and what we’re doing in Peru, to everything. But you also mentioned something really important. And Keith definitely like to hear from your background, because you both have different backgrounds. And I’ve learned from both of you. And then we’ll talk a little bit more about community because I know what you’ve done and what your teachings really are about is creating a family of community that are there to support you because people are suffering from addiction, mental health, and there’s ways through this.

Keith  8:01  

Totally, this, you know, it, this interview that we’re doing right now is a product of what we would call our soul fam or soul family, these are the type these are the people that we there are family of choice, right? These are the people we keep closest, this is our, this is our huddle, these are our riders. And we had this interview scheduled and Michelle had a call from someone in the soul fam that was in distress. She had a lot going on and Michelle said I’m there. And we’ll figure it out. And so we rearranged the schedule. And I did three interviews today if that wasn’t expected, but it all worked out because that’s when the soul fam and what a community does. In that, in and of itself is very, very empowering. Now, Michelle got a lot out of that interaction because she was offered the ability to help, which is hugely empowering to the person that’s given the opportunity to help. It’s also super empowering to the person who needs help to be able to go this is going on in my life. I can’t handle it, but I have a group of people who I can totally 100% rely on. All I have to do is make the call Boom. She did it. It was taken care of and we’re off and running. But that’s the safety net when we work with clients, we always encourage them because they will eventually leave us and our goal for them is to be 100% empowered. We tell every client we work with we do not work on repeat customers we’ve worked on referrals when you leave here you are good to go. You can stay friends, you’re part of the soul fam all this the other eight Yes, it’s something else comes up and unique coaching. We got you but for the most part, you are now self-sufficient. If you want to help us out, we refer because there’s a bunch of people out there that need it. But this is putting somebody In the position of being empowered, versus what Michelle was talking about this a little while ago, and again, I love what AA has done for people, because it’s really helped some people out where I differ with their opinion where we differ where their opinion is keeping that person in perpetual purgatory of not being able to fully step outside of whatever that addiction is. And we’re here to tell you that it’s not a miracle, our son’s recovery is not a miracle at all. This happens again, and again, and again. And again. And again, when you get to the root issue of the trauma. And you cut the emotional tie to that trauma, which takes some skill to be able to get in there and do that work. If you do that, the person at that point can choose whether that coping mechanism for the addiction is useful or not. And in that moment, they can say it is no longer useful. Boom, I am done. I mean, done. Heroin, my son’s heroin, is something that I watch dead. Not anymore.

JR  11:00  

The story. And so the thoughts we’ve trained that we’ve seen that frequency vibration, people have heard of the secret, and they don’t really understand contextually what it means. And it’s not that we all don’t have crazy thoughts throughout the day. But when we are expressing anger, it’s short, little bursts, and it’s coming out and it dissipates. When it’s peaceful and love, it’s kind, it’s smooth, like art, and that is going to radiate and put ripples to other people across the world versus shut them down immediately when that’s coming out. So just like when you think I’m an alcoholic, you are, in fact, putting that in your brain in a living product of that and never free from it. So this matters in life and business through hardships you guys experience major hardship with the shutdown of COVID, you built one of the largest communities out there with cutting edge met medicine, with a mission and brand of empowering people to true health where they can learn how to restore and regenerate their own lives with guide support and tools and techniques. So what did that experience teach you as you built a huge community and the world changed all of it in an instant, and you know, you know, you’re doing good work, but you’re up against forces that don’t, whether you know what anybody believes that you’re not able to do what you loved on the same level, when you build something very spectacular and impactful literally changed my life. And so many more, I’m sure there’s 1000s of stories. So how was that for you? Because it had to feel like we’re talking thoughts here. How do you pull yourself out of thinking like the world is conspiring against me to get back in a state of high performance and thinking, because you’ve had the deepest of, of, of depths? And to do what you’re doing now just says so much that is hard to put in words?

Michelle  12:51  

Yeah. Um, yeah. Um, the whole COVID thing I have found fairly fascinating. Because it doesn’t like what you said, it doesn’t matter what you believe about it. And the, the, the, what we see with the Division of humanity right now is pretty intense, and is pretty intentional. And I believe it’s intended for us to, to divide, if we divide, if we divide, we fight amongst ourselves, we’re not a problem for the powers to be. If we take care of it, we can take care of the problems here. For them. That’s what we’ve been doing. That’s the way we’ve been programmed for, for 1000s and 1000s. of years, we are quite the slave race. And I say that, with all due respect to anyone whose family members have been slaves. But that’s what we have been created for is to be in this perpetual servitude. Yeah, we’re in perpetual servitude. And so I mean, like when you think about it, because it’s really given me COVID has really given me an opportunity to take some time to really think about the systems that are in place, the systems that are in place here, do not fortify humans, that they fortify the systems that perpetuate and create extremely large amounts of money for a very, very, very small few number of people. And so when you look at those systems, and you see that, like when you just think about it, why are we taxed on our own labor? Why, why that doesn’t even make any sense. Like, we go to work and we’re taxed on our own labor. What does that sound like to you sounds like prostitution.

And for people to not really wake up and start I mean, I like really seriously woke up to this last year, this piece of it and really realize this is really screwed up. The fact that we are taxed this way means that we’re not taxed on consumption, that would actually be taxed. The powers that be, instead of the little guys, all of us, were the ones that are, we’re the ones that get taxed, and the and they’re the ones that make the money off of our backs. That’s just wrong. And so I am, it’s just COVID has given me a newfound respect for, for my sovereignty, for my freedom for my ability and my right to be able to control my body and what goes in my body, whether anything goes in my body, and for me to make all of the choices. And for it not to be up to any kind of government to ever tell me what I required to do. It’s the same bite. What I found very interesting, too, is to watch how the Paleo movement is what now, too, is paleo effects was born on the notion that we question everything, that the only way forward, the only way to progress, the only way to make any progress whatsoever is to have dissension to have conversation and debate, our belief systems and never ever, ever given to the dogma and never, ever just believe and take for just take it at face value, that the government’s telling us the truth with the CDC telling us the truth that any government entity or any politician is telling us the truth. We all know that that’s bullshit. And the fact that anybody believes that after us claiming in the Paleo movement, and I’m talking about a lot of big names, claiming that for the last, you know, 70 years that the government has had everything wrong, particularly when it comes to nutrition and our health. But they somehow got COVID, right? Like, I’m, it’s stunning to me. And yeah, it’s what I find really interesting about the whole thing is, for me, it’s definitely a validation that we are, we have a bifurcation of timelines happening here. And the thing is, all of us that know how science works, quantum physics, the entanglement theory, all of these things, we know that this is the only dimension that time and space exists. So we’re finally removed from that. And so when you see it, it’s interesting to watch two different people watch the same exact thing happen. And both of them have a completely different view around exactly what happened, what all of the things, and you just like to sit there and go, Oh, my word. And both sides are right there. Right.

JR  17:52  

And they are because they think it right. So that’s what it comes down to. And exactly what we’ve said earlier is that the health care system isn’t broken, it’s fixed. It’s by design, it’s created, and some people don’t know better. And that’s when you had big missions. And speaking just like I do, it’s like, I want to shout from the rooftops of how to heal yourself versus dependent now I do believe the system can help millions of people that aren’t ready to choose that I want better, I am striving for the ultimate life that I dreamed up in know as possible. So you know, it’s with love that I say that, that I’m still learning. I don’t know what I thought I knew. But it’s because I’m staying open to experience and seeing and listening to multiple perspectives. It’s why I’ve gotten to masterminds for 15 years from multiple perspectives. The minute somebody I don’t agree with, I actually lean in to try to hear and understand their perspective so I can understand and better navigate and support those who do come to me because I know beliefs are really that ceiling, like we just talked about. And if somebody wants more, we have to change the beliefs that have to change for that to occur. And tell me a little bit about primal uprising because you are helping them see another perspective while fighting for each person to come to their own conclusion and experiences.

Michelle  19:20  

Exactly, because we’re not this is the thing we don’t tell anyone what to believe. That’s not what we’ve ever been about. That’s not what PaleoFx is about. That’s exactly why we had a lot of people really angry with us for bringing in vegans and Philip x and for us to bring in people who didn’t didn’t believe in Paleo that actually believed in you know, what, all different other kinds of things, you know, but that’s the whole point was we don’t want to get caught up in our own dogma. We don’t want to just be in this echo chamber. We want to actually want to progress, we want to always be open to all of the science changes. It’s an emerging science, it’s constantly changing as we evolve as humans. And so if you just say, Okay, this is the way it is, everybody needs to eat like this, everybody needs to do this, everybody needs to do that. That’s, that’s really, that’s really just in genuine to, first of all, the whole idea around paleo to begin with, because we, every single one of us is totally unique. And so my, my, um, Paleo diet does not look anything like keys, I’m probably nothing like yours. And then the thing is, it’s, it’s my paleo diet, it’s what works for me. And the thing is, I can’t tell anyone what’s going to work for them. Except, I will say this, the only thing that I think all of us can come to the conclusion on processed foods, refined carbohydrates, all the refined foods, and sugars, and all the things and all of the different preservatives and crap that gets put into food, to keep us sick, and to keep us in this perpetual machine of needing to stay in the healthcare system, to stay on pharmaceuticals, meeting on these different maintenance therapies for diabetes, heart, disease, all of these things. Those are the only things I think all of us can agree on. Nobody should be eating any of that stuff.

JR  21:19  

Now drink water, healthy water, right? That’s about it.

Michelle  21:23  

But what else should be on your plate, I don’t know, that’s not my decision, I just want you to eat really real, whole food. And if that looks more like all vegetables, great, if that looks more like all meat, great. If it looks like a combination of both great, I don’t really care. None of that really matters to me, at the end of the day, it’s really what you choose that’s right and best for you. And I can’t tell you what that is, I can’t tell you what to believe about everything around COVID, or the vaccine, or any of the stuff that’s going on, I can’t tell you what to believe about any of that stuff, I can tell you my perspective, I can listen to yours, we can have conversations, I’m not going to argue with you to get you to believe what I believe. I, my thing is, and we’re Keith and I come from and it’s part of the way that we coach is that we respect every person’s model of the world. And that is whether they choose to believe what we believe or not. And we love every single person regardless of what those beliefs are, and whether or not they love us or they hate us, we don’t care that part, that’s not our problem, that our whole thing is we’re doing everything we believe is the right thing to do for our lives and for our and choosing not to hate anybody choosing to love every person for who they are, what they believe no matter what that is and hold your passion for whatever those beliefs are. We do that for our own health.

JR  22:53  

But Michelle, that’s too complex, meaning that the health care system is about a system where everybody’s belief bodies, and obviously circumstances must be the same. And that’s the challenge and functional medicine doctors know uh, you know, it, it comes down to everybody’s at a different readiness, budget commitment, environment, genetics, and that’s why it really takes somebody skilled enough to help them learn how to to guide what’s best. And there are certainly technologies and bio hacks in plants and things that can accelerate this process. But there’s also places to start with sitting and breathing in prayer and whatever that may be, to think those good thoughts and love and just come from that place like you I hear you summarizing. So you know, tell us what somebody can learn in the primal uprising book, and then we’re gonna go to what I’m so excited for. And that I know is just a next step in my journey of just being really excited about my growth and progress, especially with myself and my family. And, and I just know if anybody out there suffering stuck, or know there’s another level to really pay close attention, what we’re going to talk about,

Keith  24:07  

Well, I can tell you that the premise of primal uprising is that you live in a zoo of your own making. And that bone making is the constructs and stories that you keep in your mind and that are in constant replay in your mind. These are stories that have largely been planted there without you being aware of it. Most of these stories were planted there by the time you were seven years old, but they continue day in and day out. There’s a steady stream of programming that is going on, and that programming is meant exactly to keep you imprisoned in queueing control and keep you manipulable and if you want to go a step further, a little bit more nefarious. You are like so many heads of cattle. Right you are a profit center. To be maximized, and how to best maximize the profit center where you need to control and manipulate the profit center to do what you do your bidding.

Michelle  25:10  

And when that’s done it is to keep us just sick enough to stay in the wheel to keep the money going. And but not so sick that we can’t continue to be profit centers. So we’re in this really weird state of kind of unreal health, like a strange, weird thing into disease. But we’re not totally completely. So you know, one of the most workable diseases there is diabetes. Well guess what’s one of the most prevalent in the whole, and particularly in this country? Diabetes, one of the number one things out there and one of the number one profit centers for Big Pharma. And so we’re but somebody that’s, that’s that is controllable, because they are dependent on drugs, they are dependent on Big Pharma, they’re dependent on all of these different things. And the thing is, they’re not told the truth, that it’s completely reversible, that all they got to do is change their diet, that they’re not told any of that.

JR  26:15  

There’s no commercial saying walking three times a week for 90 minutes is the prevention of diabetes. Side effects may be having to get new clothes and feel good and have you know, lungs to go upstairs.

Keith  26:28  

Okay, so it sounds very much like the model of AA Yes, right? You’re no longer an alcoholic, but you are always an alcoholic, you might not be literally drinking, but you better watch out. Because one misstep, you’re gonna fall right back into it, we got you, we got you this fear we got with this constant story. And again, I don’t mean to hammer on a, they’ve helped many, many, many 1000s of people. And I think they could do better. So these stories, these constructs are keeping us imprisoned. But all is cool, because all you have to do is step outside of that, realize how the game is being played. And you can choose to be stuck in the game or pull yourself out and look at it from the outside and laugh at it. Yeah, nice try. I’m not falling for that one. Yeah, I’m not falling for this spin cycle, then you spin cycle to get everybody up? Yeah, sorry, I’m not buying into that. Because I understand that fear puts my central nervous system in a place of fight or flight. And I cannot make informed responses from a position or fight or flight. In a parasympathetic system, you get reduced down to your very, very basic reactions, reactions or responses. So there’s I’m sympathetic, my bet. You know what?

Michelle  27:54  

I don’t know where he suddenly got into

Keith  27:56  

some kind of crazy program. It’s a joke, but you can’t make it too sick. You can’t make informed responses, thoughtful responses from a place of fight or flight, it cannot happen.

JR  28:10  

Cant, can’t be in fear and love at the same time?

Keith  28:13  

No, this is why the military trains so hard, because when that event happens, they are conditioned to react in an appropriate way. Right? They’re not thinking they are reacting, but they have been trained to react to these situations appropriately. The downside of that is now you take these individuals and put them in a, in a soft society. And they still react when that central nervous system fires in that old manner, aka PTSD. Right? So that’s what is going on. So the way out is to realize that you aren’t being conditioned. And to know that you can rewrite the stories. Every one of the stories you can go in, you can dive in, you can choose to accept or you can choose to change. And you can do that based on your life trajectory and based on what you want out of life. Yes, a very simple process. The first step is waking up. The first step is critical thought and asking questions and not being in a position of being ridiculed for asking questions. The emperor has no clothes, I have no problem filming anybody who will listen, the Emperor didn’t have any clothes. Sorry. That’s what I’m seeing.

JR  29:40  

That’s so powerful. It comes down to these are things that we’ve all been conditioned from based on our environments at a young age to money, meaning we grew up and I thought we didn’t have enough and buy this and that and you know, that’s why I strive so hard but yet I was out of alignment, having great impact making great money, but yet working 100 hours work weeks because of the programming that’s going on. And it really takes what you’re doing in this book is asking questions looking at the system, and then you can choose, I love some greasy food once in a while, but I can choose and see and step back and recognize what you know I need to do to not be a product of the addiction of of that, because self care is only going to come from you changing your life is only going to come from you, and taking steps. And I’ll be honest, you know, I thought I did a good job of being self responsible or driven to like, determine my future, but I didn’t know what was out of alignment. Just like I said, working 100 hour workweeks without being connected to my wife. Those are things that are out of alignment. And I needed a whole different awareness in guides to be like, This is not your highest intention. And this is still running the show, even though I had a powerful brain. But I thought I was a great person and loved him and I am, it’s just there’s a difference between having this, running the show and this running the show. But being aware of this can help us be good servants, and make plans and impact and continue to change the world because we still have a responsibility. If we’ve been given some gifts, in my opinion, to heal thyself, then try to heal others. And you guys have been a big help in my journey. And I’m so grateful for it, we are having an opportunity to go deeper, because for me the healing, you know, in awareness, I’m still growing in that. So I’ll be going even though you guys also teach and know those locations, how to really put it in your daily life, no need or have anything permanently. For me, it’s some spiritual gifts that have continued to grow for me. And I’m loving that. So tell us a little bit about Peru and what we’re doing. It’s and I want to invite you guys, there’s still a couple of spots for somebody that is in a thought process of really wanting to grow themselves to the next level. And looking inward. Let’s let everybody know what that kind of looks like and who it might be right for because I think the number one thing people are gonna say that they haven’t experienced is that I’m scared. I was so open that I was just like, I know, I’m not right, I can evaluate, I need something different. And I’m willing to do what it takes. And that was my mindset that continued to carry me. What about somebody that doesn’t know what’s possible in that regard?

Michelle  0:00  

So well, so yeah we are. We are talking about as we are leading a retreat with our friends taught already to Peru and keep an eye do a lot of work in this space and so we are going to be taking a group down there from the second of October to the 10th of october so we’ll be down there for eight days and we are going to be working with the with grandmother and grandfather which grandmother is ayahuasca and grandfather is sin Petro or watch human. And these are really intelligent plant teachers that have profound they have a profound effect on on people and when we get them into this state where I’d say neuroplastic state, we can create new neural pathways which is new ways of thinking and getting rid of the old programming undoing like I said, I’m doing those those ties, being able to clear old traumas create new information. And so the way that we kind of liken this as the neuroplastic state is like, imagine that you’ve gone to a ski slope, and you get at the top of the ski slope and you look down and you can see all the paths all the way down the mountain, you see all the different ways that all of this years before you have gone and you see all those tasks that have already been forged. Well, when we get into place with Huachuma, or with my WASPA it’s a neuroplastic state. It’s like having a snowstorm come and completely cover up all those trails. So now you can make nutrients you can make new neural pathways and so this is really effective change and transformation for people because of the way this works and that you can see there’s documentary after documentary around our Wasco watching multiple different types of psychedelics around the work that’s being done even with the maps of organization with PTSD in these these states, because of the transformation that happens and it’s so quick, it’s being able to freely disconnect the trauma and the and actually get to whatever information is, is there for your for your subconscious and your conscious mind for it to learn so that it can let it go and that you can move on in your life and that you don’t continue to have a trauma folks you got. The other thing that we believe too is that all traumas stored in the body ultimately can lead to disease. And so when you have all of these traumas left in your body and you’re not taking care of releasing them or doing regular practices to release them, then this is what can happen. And so this work is unbelievable. And in fact, Tim Ferriss had promoted a documentary that we just watched, called Trip of compassion, and they were using MDMA in studies and tests in Israel with PTSD. And our big piece of an AR are, the way that we do things is really about the integration because that’s the most important piece because it’s really great. To go and have the experience with plant teachers everything. But if you don’t know what to do with the information or you don’t know how to put it into place. It’s kind of like how paleo came about, we realize this is all great in theory, but until we know how to use it in our daily lives, it’s really difficult. It’s really difficult to make transformation change and Southdale effects were born as part of that and then also the legacy of our daughter Brittany. And so we’re doing the same thing here. We believe that experiencing the psychedelic space or with plant features is really amazing and it doesn’t really, really make things change or transform, if there’s no integration afterwards. And if you don’t have somebody that can coach you through those, those integrations and through the different things that are coming up, and also, we’re very, very skilled at being able to find out what the trauma is find out what the learnings from trauma is being able to undo those ties so that you’re free from that trauma and that that trauma is no longer holding you back.

JR  4:40 

Like to summarize that change the perception that you’re not changing that you learn from yourself, when in the right way. Change the thoughts to the positive like we spoke earlier, change the behaviors in the actions, the integration, the journaling, the meditation, the yoga, the lifting, the weights, the walking, the eating better, the nourishing your soul, self love, talk, and then ultimately change your beliefs that you do have this opportunity to change your life in any capacity that you desire. if you so choose, so sorry, keep that in the meantime.

Keith  5:14  

Oh no, I love that. I was just gonna say Jr that I don’t pat myself on the back very often, but I will on this account people who are going on this trip we’ll have access to four of the best facilitators that I have ever come across, ever, in all of my past experience, and I would put myself in that group. And I rarely do that. In fact, I don’t think I ever do that. But this facilitation group is beyond incredible. So more here

JR  5:48  

experience. It’s it’s, it’s the real deal. And I want you guys there like I’m looking for a couple serious people that will become my soul family that we’re relying on other this is going to be experienced like no other tell us a little bit about those that are called to the top of mountains like I have been my whole life of the experience through the sacred Valerie and some of the nice accommodations. This isn’t like just pure mosquito Ville. I know what somebody else’s thought here. Tell us a little bit about the experience.

Michelle  6:20  

Now. So you know, that’s the thing. We are going to be out of a really nice resort. And we actually have the hearing demos coming down from the mountain to actually facilitate the plant teachers with us in the Sacred Valley. So it’s going to be a really amazing experience. We’re also going to get a chance to do a lot of the tourist stuff and we’re going to be masterminding through the whole thing so we we will be sending out information you’ll be will be collecting information from all the attendees to determine what are the things that you want to work on while you’re there with us because we we know how to go really deep and we know how to get transformation and be able to help create change in all areas of wires. So we’ll be doing that and working as masterminds. We’ll get a chance to go sightseeing. We will have we will have two dances with ayahuasca and two dances with Wajima while we were there and these are beautiful intelligent plant features that have been used for 1000s and 1000s of years by indigenous cultures to create the change and transformation for people to really go within and really be able to because this is at the end of the day if we all want to change the world. We got to start by doing it ourselves. Yes, we heal ourselves, we can start that process for the rest of the world. And the thing is, is that when people go and do this work, the change in the way that people show up in their life is so dramatically different and it changes like you said earlier in this beautiful Wayne Dyer thing. If you want to change your perception of the perspective change your I’m sorry change your mind. You want to change your perspective. And your perspective changes after you go through the transformation and experience of working with these beautiful teachers because they show you the parts of you that you may not want to see but the parts of you that this is the whole thing. We believe or we want to believe that we are all good and we are not. We are human. We hold on. So it tells me we actually show her for me to hold them both equally, until we actually accept the dark parts. of who we are. We all have shadow and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed or feel guilty about

JR  9:06  

I want to say one thing there with that shadow is through my experience over the last two years. One God was scary for me, but I really had to face that shadow and be right because many of them were pretty blissful and created a different perception and things I thought were a big deal that weren’t and it was more about self love. I had to face the shadow and I think people have heard those stories. They go down there and lose their mind. And for a couple months you know I did really have to change my life but I was out of alignment and blind to to that shadow in coming to terms with and how to nurture it and how to not be triggered by it. It came down to what was necessary for the life that I truly desired in my life and I’m so thankful and I even had to question will I do this again? Will I go back there but on the other side of it it’s literally showed up from I’m out of pain after 12 stem cells 13 surgeries my marriage is I fell back in with my love and we’re disc I always loved my wife. I thought she was the greatest mother in person and kindest person I’ve ever met. We just weren’t connected. I just didn’t know how to connect to myself. In other words it was external and literally I’m just so thankful and I know if somebody out there and this is calling you on every level feel this and you know let’s go we want a couple more people that are really ready to go to the next level and this will do that.

Michelle  10:31  

Yeah, and the thing is like I said it’s not a lot of people think that shadow is demons and whatever and it and it’s really not like that. It’s really not like that we have the parts of us that we don’t like that we need to integrate, we need to come to terms with and we need to hold passion for meaning. And the thing is, there may be parts that are really super important to the person that we are and they are things that we know that we think that they’re useful to us if we ever need to be really frank . I’m a mom and I am capable of killing. I’m totally capable of killing. I’m absolutely in love with this man. I am totally capable of killing and you know what? I don’t need that on a daily basis. But I love, respect and I hold compassion for the side of myself that knows that I could take another life. That’s the shadow part of who I am. But I also know that if I try to pretend that that does not exist, that can come out really squirrely and sideways and lots of problems. And so the just the acknowledgement, you exist, that you exist as a human person that could take another life. I have the capability I have, that doesn’t mean I’m going to do it. I just know that if I ever need it, it’s there. And this is all integrated with who I am as a loving person on earth who does not want to hurt anyone. Not wanting to kill anyone does not want to only love others, help transform their lives and help them become helping productive sovereign beings. The thing is, if I’ve integrated this shadow of myself, I’ve integrated it. I’ve loved it. I’ve held passion. I know it exists, I’m not suppressing it. And I know it’s there if I ever need it, and I pray I never do.

JR  12:40  

And I want to share one story. An example for me is I saw myself as a provider. So working 100 hour workweeks, just like you said it may be even good, not that but good that I was providing meaningful work that I believe then so it became my identity. But what I didn’t realize was that I was cheated, repeating generational traumas. And in that effort to get to hundreds, like how do I do this and my ugly self would come out when I wouldn’t be emotional and that’s why I needed rugby. And that was my emotional release and when the injuries occurred, not getting that out. So it’s like I had to face that at one point. But at the same time, my work is impactful and with the right doses and balance and learning how to do it. So again, it’s showing you both sides of the coin is all it is to love it and there and learn to know when to turn it off or on at different times if ever needed. So that is right this isn’t work

Keith  13:35  

is all about just to master the shadow. So you can either be the master of the shadow and the shadow to be the master. This is it. This is the definition of toxic masculinity by the right, just the shadow the master over the man versus the man, the master over the shadow and that starts with proper integration of Misha

JR  13:58  

and understanding it and seeing it and being aware of it and not having blinders on and so many people it’s easy to see and spot in others but not always in our self. So that’s where you know this is about the self and thank you guys for being on here. Thank you for the work that you’re doing, being courageous and sharing your mission and your work to other practitioners and healers. Those that are looking to make a greater impact or just love themselves more, it doesn’t matter. We would love to have you join us. So get a hold of us. How can they contact you? Where can they go for just the book and to get that and get started and you can always email or contact one of us about this trip coming up. But how would they be in contact for the book?

Michelle  14:45  

To learn to be able to get the book if you go to like all one word they can be able to find the book there. And if they are interested in the trip to Peru, they can go to it’s T h a n d no sorry. tahk o l Forward slash nurtures destiny. So it’s talk forward slash nurture destiny so they can go on there and find out more information about the trip or they can just reach out to one of us and we will be happy to provide that information. And then we do the other thing too if they are interested in getting more information they can text 7372140ZOO. They text primal uprising to that number. Then we’ll keep them up to date on all of the things with Primal Uprising the book and PaleoFx.

JR  16:06  

It’s great. So join the community. This is part of my family that’s really helped me and I know they could do the same for you. So thank you both for your time and we’ll see it and six, seven weeks. So that’s all for everybody. You won’t regret it.

Keith  16:23  

Thank you. 

Michelle  16:23 

Thank you


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