How to Heal an Injury in 30 Days

I was excited to sit down with
Skip Kelly to learn all about his program on How to Heal an Injury in 30 days!

Skip Kelly is the founder and lead educator for The Thrive Dojo, a movement of people using exercise as their mindfulness practice and an online ecosystem of wellness programs. The main course teaches you how to develop a strong body, clear mind, and magnetic energy through laying down guided audio routines. Skip has helped Olympic athletes from the USA and Taiwan, medical patients that were reported as “hopeless”, and CEOs of publicly traded companies. The Thrive Dojo techniques have the potential to impact every aspect of your wellness.

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Here are a few of the things we cover in this interview: 

1:15 What you put into the body, how you treat it, and how you move  is going to impact your long term health.

3:45 Skips journey, from acute trauma and pain to healing

7:41 Can people be taught to do their own assessment?

8:46 Adding things into a patient’s lifestyle vs subtracting

11:58 Broken healthcare system

16:55 No pain in this process

21:12 My experience with the process

25:47 Skip shares the Thrive Dojo course, community and more

If you suffer from pain, you don’t want to miss listening to this interview. 

You can join Skip for his program on How to Heal an Injury in 30 Days by signing up here

To reach out to Skip directly you can email him at: 


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