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Go from Consultation to Confirmation: How to get the “yes” with your sales pitch

Sales. That one word by itself can conjure a vast array of feelings. For most of us, those…

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A Simple, But Not Easy Way to Change the World

What do you think of when you hear “Tommy John?”   As a medical professional, you probably can…

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The Importance of Being a Community Leader

JR: Thank you everybody for joining in. I have a very special guest, Daffnee Cohen.  She and her…

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How Leadership and Communication Are The Keys to Leading Your Team to Redefining Healthcare

 Sachin: Hello, everyone and welcome to Perfect Practice. Today, I’ve got a very special guest, a dear…

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The Importance of Building an Integrative Practice to Redefine Pain Management

 Kaylea Boutwell:  Hi guys. Welcome to my interview with JR Burgess. We are here today in the…

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Ego Has to Get Out of The Way in Order to Change Healthcare

John:  So before we actually started rolling the cameras, you were telling me a pretty passionate story about…

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How Do I Bring Medical Fitness Into My Medical Practice?

Mike Koenigs: Now, if you’re a doctor, imagine what it  would be like to see half the patients,…

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