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Habits And Perspectives That Allow You To Have It All

  I’m excited to introduce you to my friend Jesse Ewell of Jesse is a habit expert…

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Tap Into The Future Of Healthcare And YOU

  If you want to be in alignment with the care models that work long-term, you desire to…

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How to Shift Healthcare While Adding More Profit with Less Stress

  Is your Integrated, alternative medicine cash practice limping along? Do you want to THRIVE, make a profit…

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Discover the Power of C60 with Ken Swartz

I recently interviewed Ken Swartz, aka “Ken the Scientist.” He is the Founder and Chief Science Officer of…

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3 Critical Elements for Integrated Cash Practice Success

  Recently, I sat down with Justin Finneman and we chatted about critical elements for integrated cash practice…

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Learn How to Captivate Audiences and Create Massive Results in Your Business

  I recently hosted Brandon and Deb Yager of Yager Training and our conversation was so powerful I…

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The Biggest Lever to Get the Best Results in Your Health Practice

Earlier this month I had an incredible interview with Josh Trent. Josh is the Founder of Wellness Force…

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Create Passive Income Streams That Change Patients Lives

I am excited to introduce you to my good buddy Justin Finneman today. We recently sat down to…

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Do No Harm First: A Perspective from a Naturopathic Physician

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Dr. Kelsey Asplin about a very important…

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